An unusual Roman Temple

Highlights: The visit begins with an interpretation of the ruins of the Roman Temple of Santana do Campo and the surrounding landscape, I present a hypothesis for the location of this temple to be related to water - an idea that arises from my thesis: "Water Paths: customs, knowledge and hydraulics in rural Alentejo" and deepened in recent interviews. It follows a walking of about 4 km with interpretation of the landscape of cork trees and a visit to an old Public Fountain of the village. Finally we visit an ancestral menhir, unique in the Portuguese megalithic context, due to the engravings on pre-Christian crosses, locally known as Gamelas Stone.

Special: Typical meal in a local restaurant.

Main attractions: Roman temple, Santana Church, Gothic Santa Ana statue, popular architecture, Public fountain, landscape, Gamelas Stone.

Person      1 or 2 |    3    |    4    |    5    |    6    |    7
Value         70€   85€  100€  115€  125€  135€
Includes transport, water and fruit.

Duration: 3h

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